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Advanced Dermal Fillers for Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

cosmetic treatmentNon-surgical nose job using dermal fillers is an increasingly popular way of improving the shape of the nose and facial proportions without surgery.

Many people really dislike the shape or size of their nose, but surgery is a big decision. Firstly, it is expensive – but it is not just about the cost. A rhinoplasty procedure is major surgery involving general anaesthetic and long recovery. Patients have to wear bandages or splints for a few days and a minimum week is recommended off work to recover from the worst. Then the healing process is slow as the nose is often broken as part of the procedure. Rigorous exercise is to be avoided for quite some time and it is generally thought to take up to a year before healing is complete.

Now the option of a non-surgical nose job offers an alternative and it is surprisingly effective in the hands of a skilled injector using the latest generation of dermal fillers. A large nose can actually be made to look smaller by smoothing out hollows and bumps which draw attention to it, producing a straighter profile which simply fits the face better. Those bothered by an asymmetrical nose which doesn’t look to be centred on the face can choose non-surgical rhinoplasty to even out the balance of the nose shape. A specific bump or hump can be disguised or smoothed out using facial fillers.

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Advanced Dermal Fillers for Non-Surgical Nose Jobs
Non-surgical nose job - nose reshaping with instant results and no downtime using Advanced Dermal Fillers. Available at Mulberry House Clinic Northampton.
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