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Ageing – ZO Skin Health Infographic

ZO Skin Health have produced an infographic to explain how and why the skin ages. 

Ageing skin is nothing new, but it is something that bothers a great many people. ZO Skin Health take a scientific view of the process.

The skin is in 3 layers:

  1. Epidermis – contains skin cells, pigment and proteins
  2. Dermis – contains blood vessels, nerves, follicles and oil glands. Provides nutrients to the epidermis
  3. Hypodermis – the deepest layer, where sweat glands, blood vessels and fat are found

Most of the visible signs of ageing are seen at the epidermis – the outer surface layer of the skin. Common problems include:

However, the modification starts at the dermis level – the middle layer – where the ageing process leads to a gradual denegration of the supporting matrix of connective tissue.

ZO Skin Health Infographic – Ageing

ZO Skin Health Ageing Infographic

Reduce Premature Skin Ageing

There are a number of fairly well-known lifestyle changes that can be made which will help to keep the skin in good condition.

  • Avoid smoking and sun exposure
  • Use sunscreen and good skin products
  • Drink water to keep hydrated and eat well (fruit and veg!)
  • Sleep well to avoid dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Consider professional skincare and treatments

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health offers an exceptional skincare range including cosmeceutical products with active ingredients. Dr John Tanqueray has offered the range at the clinic since 2004 and works closely with ZO Skin Health on new developments.

In addition, the company offers chemical peels carried out by medical professionals for an in-depth exfoliation. This works well alongside regular skincare and adds another level to the patient’s regime. The benefits of chemical peels are not only to reveal fresher skin by sloughing away the dead, outer layer; but also to promote the growth of new skin cells within.

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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser centre stands out in the Northampton area as an independent practice with over 10 years experience. Cosmetic skin treatments are carried out by Dr John Tanqueray, who also works with Allergan to train other professionals in his skills and techniques.

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