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Sebum, Oil and Sebaceous Glands

skin anatomyDr John Tanqueray explains Sebum, Oil and Sebaceous Gland activity within the skin. Sebum acts as an inflammatory component both on and in the skin.

“It has now been shown fairly conclusively that sebum has no function in our skin now that we’re no longer hairy, furry apes; and in fact contributes to a range of skin problems.”


Sebum, Oil and Sebaceous Glands – Skin Treatment Doctor Explains

Why is Sebum a Problem?

Problems that can be related to overactivity of the sebaceous glands and excessively oily skin include

  1. Acne – an oil-related problem
  2. Rosacea – redness and flushing of the skin
  3. Pigmentation – discoloration
  4. Ageing – lines, wrinkles, deteriorating complexion and general sagginess of the skin

Dr Tanqueray explains why managing sebum is a very important issue in skincare regimes:

“85% of females and all males will have excess oil production in the skin so it is important to control this and this is a fundamental step now in skin care.”

The ZO regime includes a couple of options to reduce oiliness with a choice of milder or stronger solutions depending on the nature of issues within the skin. More information about ZO Skin Health and prescription skincare.

6 Week Challenge

Dr Tanqueray has suggested advocates a ZO Skin Health Challenge to see an improvement within 6-weeks.

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