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Sensitive Skin – Surprising Advice – New Video

Ditch the Moisturiser

Sensitive skin is a common condition with patients complaining that their skin feels irritated easily, is not tolerant of many products and feels like it needs moisturising frequently in order to keep it calm and soothed.

Dr John Tanqueray explains that rather than helping, moisturising could actually be the cause of the problem:

“We all have heard of this mantra of cleanse, tone, moisturise and many people have grown up thinking that’s the thing that they need to do to look after their skin.”

“But unfortunately, long term effects from moisturiser have a number of less good results for the skin. Firstly it can slow down the cell turnover in the skin so it becomes thinner and sensitive and over time brings down the so-called barrier function which is another thing that will make the skin sensitive.”


Sensitive Skin – A Common Complaint – Advice from Dr John Tanqueray

Stopping Moisturiser to Improve Sensitive Skin

Dr Tanqueray continues:

“The only way of addressing this is to stop the moisturiser which is causing the problem in the first place and then use a range of products which will increase the skin tolerance, build it up and make it more active and resilient and then we can go from there in terms of other aspects of skin improvement.”

“When we do this there will probably be a bit of irritation and problems for a short time anyway; but once these have settled down then you should really start to see the benefits of doing that.”

Stopping moisturiser alone is not the solution. Alternative products can be prescribed which boost the skin’s inner health.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre offers an array of cosmeceutical products and prescription creams. Dr Tanqueray advocates the ZO Skin Health range in particular with a 6-week challenge to see skin improvement.

The principle of Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health skincare regime is to treat the skin properly so that it is active and healthy, which will then allow it to be naturally moisturised from within.

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