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Injections for Posterior Cheek Enlargement

BOTOX Treatment for HIV Patients

botox syringeA new study has shown that botulinum toxin injections could be an effective, long-lasting treatment for HIV patients suffering from posterior cheek enlargement, which commonly results from antiretroviral therapy. 

The research was carried out on 5 HIV positive men with the condition and according to the research team, 100% of them had good results with a 21% decreases in masseter muscle volume and 11% decrease in the volume of the parotid gland.

The study shows that Botox injections have a wide range of potential uses beyond the popular anti-ageing treatment. They are also used in treating excessive sweating, migraine, bladder and eye conditions – and doctors are still discovering more applications for the product.

As a prescription-only medicine, Botox should always be considered as a medical procedure.

Botox Northamptonshire

At Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Center, all Botox treatments are carried out by former GP Dr John Tanqueray, who founded the clinic in 2003 and remains owner/manager today, ensuring that all procedures are carried out to the highest clinical standards.

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