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Choosing Skincare Regime to Suit You

Many patients wonder what skincare regime is best to use.

Dr John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic has published his advice in a new video.

Dr John Tanqueray Explains How to Choose Prescription Skincare

ZO Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi

ZO skin health rangeDr Tanqueray recommends Dr Obagi’s skincare range, ZO; which the clinic has used since 2004. He says:

“Major developments in the range means there is flexibility and options depending on what the patient is trying to achieve.”

The first factor to consider is whether there are any specific skin conditions requiring treatment (acne, rosacea, pigmentation) or whether a person has essentially healthy skin and is just looking for the best help and support to maintain it.

A second factor is age – older patients’ skin can benefit from more stimulation.

Finally, patients’ expectations are a factor. It is fair to say that rapid results may involve some temporary redness/dryness. Some patients consider this worthwhile, but others might prefer a gentler approach which will allow results to build over a longer time but without upsetting the skin.

Dr Tanqueray concludes:

“The nice thing with ZO range is that we can choose between all of these options and there’s always going to be a suitable regime for everybody.”

More information at Prescription Skincare.

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