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What our Patients Say… Rating the Procedure

SURVEY RESULTSOur 2015 online patient survey has given us some tremendous feedback from our patients. 

You can see the full 2015 Patient Survey Results Report with ratings on a host of criteria. We’ve been pleased with the feedback. 100% rated their overall experience with the clinic good or very good. 

Rating the Procedure

One of the key areas of measurement was in rating the results of their procedure. The proportion of clients for each grading was as follows:

  • Very Good  55.73%
  • Good  35.88%
  • Fair  7.63%
  • Poor  0.00%
  • Very Poor  0.76%

Over 91% of patients rated their results as good or very good.

Unfortunately one person was disappointed in their results, although this is balanced by over a hundred respondents rating treatment positively. Dr John Tanqueray commented:

To the best of our knowledge this represents only the second occasion in 12 years where we have seen less than good results

Further commentary from Dr John Tanqueray featured last week on our website.

Comments  on the Procedure

As well as providing useful statistics, the survey also gave patients an opportunity to comment and provide feedback on their experience, which gives more of a personal insight.

In the interests of full disclosure, we’ve included the first 30 comments received with no omissions or alterations. This is to give prospective clients a complete and realistic impression of what to expect from their procedure:

  1. Explained well, I like the result and will return for further treatment.
  2. Fabulous
  3. I was very pleased with the whole experience and was so grateful not to be made to feel embarrassed about the state of my skin. John was honest and realistic about what to expect and didn’t make me feel at all pressured into anything. I am so grateful and very pleased so far with results. Thank you.
  4. I could find no fault. I had been to a different clinic prior for a consultation and the experience was not personal and they told me what I “needed” and yet I was still unclear as to the cost when I left. The experience at Mulberry was personal, friendly and informative and the treatment made a difference, which is why I would recommend Mulberry clinic and why I will b booking further appointments!
  5. I was hoping for a better result but definitely decreased the amount of lip lines
  6. Results were exactly as expected, Relaxed atmosphere during treatment and results lasted s long time.
  7. Had both to stop sag and frown lines. Worked great.
  8. Results always natural
  9. Any/all work that I have received has been more than satisfactory
  10. Botox makes my face look naturally more youthful , lip fillers had an amazing improvement on my thin lips, lovely defined shape now.
  11. I had botox to both my eye area and a slight top up a few weeks later which gave a very good effect.
  12. I have had two laser hair removal treatments and have seen better results than I expected. The treatments were a little painful but that was explained to me beforehand.
  13. Expectations managed wonderfully well and results exactly in line with expectations
  14. Very pleased with treatments received & result.
  15. I had a botox, and the result was visible straight away, but don’t last for long.
  16. Botox results very good and always very good the other treatment the results were not as good as I expected.
  17. I had three different procedures and was extremely happy with all of them
  18. Happy with the end result as it doesn’t look fake or obvious, the consultation was brilliant and it was all done without any fuss or bother.
  19. Dermalux, botox, laser for removing pigmentation and obagi skincare regime
  20. Good greeting, liked the Dr but he bruised me which lasted over two weeks so not happy about that. However I’m pleased with the results.
  21. Very happy with the procedure and returning regularly for repeat
  22. Excellent result, praised by another highly qualified specialist in aesthetics treatments
  23. The results was a little disappointing that it didn’t seem to last long
  24. Lip enhancement. Had it done a couple of times and will come back for more
  25. The result was great but I sadly could not afford to return and the hyperpigmentation on my face us now covering approx half of it. make up does not stay well so now I look a mess.
  26. Top quality customer service/satisfaction and beautiful surroundings. John assesses your face like an artist and I’m quite happy for him to decide what the best options are for me.
  27. Always a pleasant experience. Treatments are well explained and carried out.
  28. Initially when I had the treatment I was extremely impressed with the results but once the swelling went down they were not as big as I had hoped. Although the Dr did explain that it was better to start off gradually
  29. The botox needed a few tweeks but otherwise very impressed. Fillers were also good. I am seeing John in July and would like to see if he thinks the results meet his expectations.
  30. I was concerned about the area around my eyes and cheeks so decided to have some fillers.. although i requested a little more around my eyes Doctor Tanquay advised me not too due to it not looking as natural as it could. i appreciate when doctors advise not to over do the procedure and yet still listen to your concerns which is what he did and tried to find a balance look that I was happy with. I was happy with the procedure and did notice a difference, however I do not think it lasted as long as the treatment suggests.

Enquiries & Consultations

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