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Does BOTOX Have a Future?

skin treatment secretsMulberry House Clinic’s Dr John Tanqueray debates the future of Botox injections. While Botox remains the predominant treatment in most clinics followed by dermal fillers, at Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire the ratio is reversed and more filler treatments are carried out.

One reason is that Botox can be a relatively quick and simple treatment while fillers require a greater level of skill and artistry in order to get a good result. However, Dr Tanqueray argues that when used correctly, facial filler injections can provide a more sophisticated result and should be used more, as he explains:

Does BOTOX Have a Future?

I believe we are entering a new era with facial aesthetics.

Over the last few years we have developed a much more sophisticated approach to assessing the face. A full assessment should identify a range of factors, including facial symmetry and proportion, volume loss, areas of muscle over-activity and skin quality, texture and tone.

Often we see evidence of muscle hyperactivity in areas where there has been loss of soft tissue or bony support, and this can lead to distortion around the eyes, brows, mouth and nose.

It is most interesting that by sensitive use of dermal fillers to provide support to hyperactive muscles they will relax and in turn give a pleasing and completely natural improvement. Even more startling is the observation that when we treat one area of the face in this way we will usually see a beneficial effect in another area – for example treatment of the cheek can give benefit to eye shape and brow height, and treatment of the chin can benefit lip shape and lines around the mouth.

Does all this mean that BOTOX is no longer relevant?

Well if we look at levels of use of Botox to fillers used nationally, most clinics are treating about 70% of people with Botox and 30 % with fillers, while at Mulberry House Clinic we have been seeing a complete reversal of this figure over the last 2 years or so, with our use of fillers much higher than most clinics, suggesting that our patients are already enjoying these benefits.

I think it is certainly possible to treat many people with fillers in place of Botox. Bearing in mind that the cost for 3 areas of Botox is about the same as one syringe of dermal filler, and that Botox typically lasts 4 months or so while filler can last 9-12 months or more there may be financial benefits to preferring filler to Botox where this is appropriate.

As Botox can be a simpler treatment to administer it will continue to be attractive to clinics, so if I was the manufacturer I wouldn’t be getting too worried. However for anyone looking for a sophisticated result and the possibility of retaining their looks over the long term fillers definitely should not be ignored.

Dermal Filler and Botox Consultation

For anybody considering dermal filler treatment, it is important to start by finding the right practitioner and getting good advice based on the facts.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre in Northamptonshire based company offer a comprehensive initial consultation in order to assess each patient’s needs as well as any relevant medical background and previous treatments, before recommending the most appropriate plan. There is no pressure to proceed until both patient and doctor are completely happy with the treatment programme agreed.

All consultations and treatments for cosmetic injections are carried personally out by Dr John Tanqueray, who works closely with Allergan and is also an accredited UK trainer. Dr Tanqueray has carried out cosmetic injections since 1999 and is renowned for a natural looking result which is never overdone.

Private Consultation

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