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The Times Features Gym Face Phenomenon

Are you Suffering from Gym Face?

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That was the title of a recent feature in The Times, which explored the problem many adults face when they exercise:

Start to work out more from your late thirties and you’ll see the fat melt away from your middle-age spread, but also from the place that you least want to lose any plumpness: your face.

Of course, the fundamental purpose of exercising and eating well is about being healthier, but also about looking good. Yet those who succeed in losing large amounts of weight can find their features become gaunt or saggy. Fat loss is part of the story, but when this is combined with the natural slackening of facial muscles which occurs with age the facial features can become older-looking. Add in the changes brought about by the menopause can make the situation even more pronounced for women. This phenomenon is also referred to as ‘runner’s face’, since many runners find their faces looking too thin and aged with the fat burnt by frequent running.

(Full article at: www.thetimes.co.uk).

Gym Face Case Study

This is the exact situation encountered by Mulberry House Clinic patient Helle, who was chosen to appear in a national Allergan campaign to promote the effective and natural-looking results that can be achieved using modern facial fillers. She explains her story:

“After nearly 20 years in the beauty industry, you’d think that this aging process wouldn’t come as a surprise.  My reflection confirmed to me that my skin was losing its moisture, making it dry, the wrinkles and lines appeared due to the lack of collagen and elastin which decreases with age, and hollows appeared where there was once plumpness and gravity makes the skin sag, resulting in jowls! JOWLS? Oh my goodness, I’ve got jowls – I’m starting to resemble a blood hound!!

So without further ado, I made an appointment to see Dr John Tanqueray at the Mulberry Clinic in Hardingstone for a consultation. I was anxious not to look like Joan Rivers, but he assured me that at Mulberry House they work on the principal of “less is more”. I wanted a touch of youthfulness put back in my skin, a radiant and healthy glow. He recommended Juvederm which is a gel formulation containing hyaluronic acid which flows easily into the skin via an ultra thin needle. The gel retains moisture, therefore filling lines and wrinkles, adding subtle volume to hollow areas, giving a fresher and plumper appearance to the skin. The product contains Lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic, making the treatment virtually pain free.  This procedure is a non-surgical facelift which redefines the facial contours in a more comfortable and less expensive experience.
On receiving the treatment I was amazed at how pain free it was, considering I had several injections of the Juvederm in different areas of my face. When I looked in the mirror I could see the effect immediately. I could have gone straight back to work as there was no redness at all. The only thing I felt was a mild tenderness at the points of injection for a couple of days.

I am happy to report that my skin is overall fresher, firmer and more youthful. The result is subtle which I’m delighted with. I would look a bit weird if my face was completely line free at my age.  When people say “You’re looking well” and “Have you got a new foundation on?”, I know that the treatment was successful. And when I look in the mirror now, I think that it’s not that bad being 50 afterall.”

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