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PRP With Dermaroller and C02 Mask

3 in 1Ultimate 3 in 1 Rejuvenation Combination

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Northamptonshire have a new approach to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma treatment) which has been so successful that it has superseded the traditional injections-based approach. 

Autologous Cell Renewal (ACR)

The 3 in 1 treatment is also known as Autologous Cell Renewal, as it stimulates the skin cells to renew, creating a rejuvenation effect.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves refining a small sample of the patient’s own blood to make it rich in highly active healing agents contained within plasma, a solution which is then administered back into the patient’s skin. Many practitioners tend to use injections for this stage, but Mulberry House Clinic have found excellent results by preparing the skin first with a Dermaroller treatment.

Dermaroller Micro-needling

Dermaroller is otherwise known as micro-needling and involves rollering the skin with a special device to create a series of very tiny injuries to the surface of the skin, allowing product – in this case purified plasma – to penetrate back into the skin.

C02 Mask

The treatment is completed with a C02 mask which not only soothes the skin after the treatment but also delivers CO2 into blood vessel in corium layer, facilitating supply of oxygen to the skin cells. This treatment delivers a range of benefits in its own right, including reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and firmer skin texture.

Treatment Advantages

This approach has a series of advantages for patients:

  • synergy of enhanced results delivered by combining 3 approaches
  • can be done without injections, or using very few injections in a particular area of concern
  • can treat a large area efficiently e.g. face and neck
  • cost is little more than having dermaroller alone
  • delivers a nice smoothing/freshening effect for firmer, brighter skin

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Mulberry House Clinic offers a comprehensive range of skin treatment options from popular injectable botox and dermal fillers, to the very latest laser, plasma, radiofrequency and LED skin technology systems.

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