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8-Point Facelift Infographic

8-point facelift

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Being among the first to offer the 8-point facelift, Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre now has a well-established reputation for the procedure, which uses dermal fillers to structurally lift the facial tissues for a more  youthful look. 

Now Mulberry House Clinic has produced an eye-catching infographic in order to illustrate the key points about the procedure, explaining in an easy to understand graphic format information including:

  • Introduction to the 8-point facelift
  • How it works
  • What are the 8-points
  • 10 advantages vs a surgical facelift
  • Patient testimonial
  • Comments from Dr John Tanqueray

For the right candidate, the 8-point facelift offers a very viable alternative to more invasive procedures such as surgery, delivering soft and natural looking results by artfully using dermal filler injections in a series of very precise delivery locations.

The exact location of the 8 points is detailed on the infographic to help patients to understand how the procedure works. This is something that has not been widely published on the internet and it is expected that patients will welcome the specific understanding.

Dr John Tanqueray explains:

“For many of these points, the main influence is translated elsewhere in the face due to the lifting effect.”

“This makes for a much more sophisticated and natural effect.”

Despite an increase in popularity, the 8-point facelift remains an advanced non-surgical procedure which is only offered by skilled and experienced practitioners.

Dr John Tanqueray continues:

“The key is in precision, using a series of very specific injection points to sculpt the facial dynamics in order to create a very effective and youthful lifting effect.”

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