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Juvederm Campaign Supports Positivity About Ageing

Juvederm logoAllergan has launched a major UK consumer campaign “This is Me” designed to promote positive perceptions about ageing and anti-ageing treatments such as its own facial filler brand, JUVÉDERM®.

Market Research – Ageing and Cosmetic Treatments

The campaign was created after market research on 2,000 UK women revealed a surprising positivity about getting older, with statistics indicating that ageing well is more important than looking younger. 20% of women wanted to look 5 years younger, yet 41% wanted to look fresh and radiant.

However, the research also showed that women are still looking for effective beauty treatments that won’t be judged as vain or superficial. This translated as a lack of understanding around dermal fillers, often resulting from the pictures of ‘overdone’ celebrities, with 24% of women contemplating treatment for a year before actually having it. In addition, research showed that women tend not to talk about the treatment they’ve had – even once treated, social stigma remains a concern for many.

The campaign shows that many women choose fillers for a subtle and natural looking effect which smoothes away the signs of ageing while retaining expression and character. Featuring 6 case studies, including one from Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire, the idea is to show that treatment with beauty products such as facial fillers is about embracing, not fighting the ageing process.

Allergan’s Vice President & Managing Director, Caroline Van Hove explained:

“We’ve learnt that women want to positively embrace their hard-won signs of getting older but they still want to choose the way they age. And the issue is that today, women do not explore all of their options, not because they do not want to look their best but they feel harshly judged by society for wanting to soften the few odd lines they do not like staring back at them in the mirror.”

“Our bold campaign, #THISISME features women of all ages and backgrounds encouraging other women to continue to embrace the positives about getting older, but empowering them to make their own treatment choices and not be ashamed, so they can age as they want to.”

Zoe Fenn, Associate Director at Flamingo who led the market research commented:

“The anti-ageing category trades on worries and anxieties that don’t really represent the way most women feel – they are much more self-accepting and take a moderate view to beauty and improving their appearance rather than coveting the images we are used to seeing in magazines and adverts.”

“We would encourage all beauty brands to be more positive and empowering in the way they engage women on this topic.”

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

The Northamptonshire based company offer a range of Juvederm filler options. All consultations and treatments are carried out by Dr John Tanqueray, who works closely with Allergan and is also an accredited UK trainer.

Dr John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Hardingstone near Northampton has carried out cosmetic injections since 1999 and is renowned for a natural looking result which is never overdone.

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