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New Thread Lifting Option

Fine Thread Contour (FTC) PDO Threads

new skin treatmentAfter the 2013 launch of Silhouette Soft thread lift, Mulberry House Clinic is now launching an alternative option – the Fine Thread Contour (FTC) PDO Threads

Silhouette Soft offers a number of advantages for patients seeking a simple non-surgical procedure for younger looking skin. Silhouette is based on non-permanent sutures and therefore offers a much safer and softer alternative to a facelift for younger patients.

However, Dr John Tanqueray explains:

While there were definite advantages we felt that the results were on the subtle side which meant we could not recommend them to everybody.

Fine Thread Contour (FTC) PDO Threads offer an alternative treatment with a series of appealing benefits, including:

  • Flexible procedure, which can be used for skin tightening, skin quality and even reducing fat
  • Gentle yet effective results with a fast recovery
  • Threads resorbed in around 6 months
  • Benefits are visible for 2 years or more
  • Clinically proven material used in medicine for 15 years
  • Primarily for facial treatments, but can also be used to improve brow, under the eyes, neck, chin, arms and abdomen

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To help patients discuss the skin treatment options most suited to their needs, Mulberry House Clinic offer a free consultation with individual advice from an experienced practitioner.

Consultations are offered free of charge, to enable open and unbiased discussion about the most appropriate treatment based on the patient’s preferences as well as their skin and medical background.

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