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5 Secrets for Effective Skin Treatment

In the latest addition to Mulberry House Clinic’s own youtube channel, Dr John Tanqueray introduces his 5 secrets for successful skin treatment using dermal fillers and/or anti-ageing injections:

5 Secrets of Effective Treatment

The ‘Secrets’ Include:

  1. Magic Points – key areas which can be easily and subtly treated to make a tremendous difference, lifting the brows or highlighting cheeks
  2. House Maintenance – ensuring that the ‘foundations’ of good skin treatment are in place with a customised plan
  3. The Big Picture – looking at balance and symmetry of the face, not focusing too heavily on a single line or crease for the best overall impact
  4. Less is More – an important maxim – any treatment can give a nice result up to a certain point, but excessive treatment is never recommended
  5. Congruence – making sure that all elements of the face features are kept in harmony with each other, so that one area is not improved such as to create an undesirable contrast with another

Mulberry House Clinic on YouTube

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The channel will host a series of videos filmed at the clinic and explaining their treatments and unique, award-winning customer care philosophies.

Northamptonshire Skin Treatment Doctor

Dr John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Hardingstone near Northampton has carried out cosmetic injections since 1999 and works with top international surgeons and experts to keep his skills at the leading edge. He also offers training for other medical professionals in the UK and has an excellent reputation as a practising GP.

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Unlike many competitors, Mulberry House Clinic offer a free consultation with their doctor. There is no pressure to have a treatment, so for a professional opinion on your skin and discussion about what treatments could help, why not contact the team. For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please complete our contact form, call 01604 702630 or email: info@mulberryhouseclinic.co.uk.