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Clients Rate Skin Treatment Explanations

skin treatment options explanation

Choosing a non-surgical skin treatment, especially for new patients, can be quite a confusing experience. Getting good expert advice is vital to helping them make the right decision. 

Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire recently assessed the quality of care and service they were giving via an independent questionnaire. Patients were invited to assess

How well the provider explained the treatment options

The results were very positive:

  • Excellent: 87.5% 
  • Good: 8.93%
  • Fair: 3.57%
  • Poor: 0%
  • Very poor: 0%

With over 96% rating the explanation of treatment options excellent or good, Mulberry House Clinic are clearly delivering good advice – in fact, nobody rated the quality of advice poor or very poor.

Advising patients on treatment is quite a complex matter, involving consideration of a number of factors.

First and foremost, a good practitioner must start with a comprehensive medical history. Professional skin treatments are medical in nature and it is vital to assess the patient’s suitability.

Secondly, a detailed assessment of what they are looking to achieve in terms of results. Very often, patients will ask for a treatment that they have heard of or been recommended by a friend. Many request botox or fillers and these are indeed popular options. However, there are many other treatment choices available which might provide a more appropriate result. The practitioner should suggest the best options and explain fully the advantages/disadvantages of each as well as the likely result. There may well be a less well known treatment, such as the 8-point facelift, Thermage radiofrequency or no-needle fillers that could provide a better result for the patient, perhaps one that looks more natural or lasts longer.

It is important to include an honest and upfront assessment of treatment costs, yet this should not be a sales pitch. There are options available at a range of price points and the most important factor is choosing the optimum treatment for the patient (though some companies do priorities profit).

Mulberry House Clinic was founded in 2003 and has built up a very impressive following of loyal clients based on quality of advice and service as well as results.

Northamptonshire Skin Treatment Doctor

Mulberry House Clinic was founded in 2003 and remains an independently owned and operated clinic, managed by practising GP Dr John Tanqueray, who personally carries out all cosmetic injections to the highest standards. Dr Tanqueray also offers training for other medical professionals and is an Allergan-accredited trainer for Juvederm® products and BOTOX®.

Free Consultation

Unlike many competitors, Mulberry House Clinic offer a free consultation with their doctor. There is no pressure to have a treatment, so for a professional opinion on your skin and discussion about what treatments could help, why not contact the team.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please complete our contact form, call 01604 702630 or email: info@mulberryhouseclinic.co.uk.