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Silhouette Soft in Daily Mail and ES

silhouette thread liftIs ‘Silhouette Soft’ the new Botox?

Silhouette Soft is a relatively new option in the UK anti-ageing market, but could be set to hit the mainstream after features in the Daily Mail and ES magazine.

A top dermatologist was quoted saying that the new treatment is potentially 

“…as big and important as Botox was 7 years ago”

Silhouette Soft is a technological innovation which offers a powerful combination of a redefined face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles. The procedure uses specially designed sutures which literally lift the skin tissue into a higher and more youthful position for a natural-looking rejuvenation result.

In addition to the lifting result, Silhouette Soft also stimulates production of collagen within the skin, which delivers a firmer and smoother texture to the skin.

Quoted in ES Magazine, a dermatologist explains further:

“It’s a thread that dissolves completely after 18 months, and it has an immediate lift and lasting regenerative effect, all along the thread”

The result of treatment works on multiple levels to lift and rejuvenate the face

“It really looks chic. It restores fat to the right place, with the right tension. It provides volume, but not too much. Not like all these weird faces we see puffed up like balloons.”

Silhouette Soft Treatment, Northamptonshire

The Silhouette Soft  thread lift just one of the many advanced skin treatments available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Hardingstone near Northampton.

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