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No Sweat… Hyperhidrosis Injections

The mini-heatwave we’ve been enjoying is not good news for those suffering from hyperhidrosis, a condition otherwise known as excessive sweating. Yet Hyperhidrosis Injections offer months of relief for those that have the condition. 

hyperhidrosisWhat is Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating is a condition that affects the sufferer year round, causing them to sweat above and beyond normal levels. This most often occurs in the underarm area (axillae) and can lead to the appearance of very noticeable damp patches on clothing.

Having hyperhidrosis does not indicate poor personal hygiene, but sufferers are often very concerned about how it might look and invest time and money in antiperspirant products.

Feelings of self-consciousness and despair are very common.

Clothing must be carefully chosen not to exaggerate the problem. Artificial fibres are out, silk or satin are a nightmare as the sweat shows very obviously. Even choosing loose cotton clothing doesn’t stop the problem being visible.  Light colours might stain, dark colours might be more obvious. Those conscious of the damp patch problem sometimes even change clothing during the day.

Help for Hyperhidrosis

For many years, the problem of hyperhidrosis was prone to being dismissed as being ‘one of those things’. Doctors might firstly check for underlying conditions, such as thyroid problems. Having ruled out any other causes, treatment choices were limited – topical roll-on products that irritated the skin without necessarily improving the problem would be the first line of treatment.

Medication such as beta-blockers might be an option, but this is rarely ideal for underarm sweating and the possibility of side-effects must be considered. For serious cases, surgery is an option to resolve the problem, but this is a drastic measure and an invasive approach which is generally now seen as a last resort.

Hyperhidrosis Injections

By comparison with other treatments, hyperhidrosis injections are a wonder-treatment. The treatment involves a series of tiny injections of botulinum toxin (botox) into the armpit, where it blocks the signals that cause the body to sweat.

Advantages are:

  • quick and effective treatment
  • start to work almost immediately
  • cause hyperhidrosis to stop for several months, after which treatment can be repeated
  • non-invasive treatment, no recovery involved
  • non-surgical approach
  • less costly than other methods
  • available privately in skin treatment clinics (limited NHS availability for severe cases)

Excessive Sweating Treatment, Northampton

Injections for hyperhidrosis are offered by Dr John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic, Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.

Free Consultation

The first step is a consultation with Dr Tanqueray. Consultations are provided free of charge and without obligation. Patients can be assured of absolute confidentiality. As Dr Tanqueray also practises as a GP, they can also be confident that a proper medical opinion will be given before agreeing the best course of treatment, even if that means advice to seek help elsewhere.

Sweating Treatment, Northamptonshire

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