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Top Treatments for Summer-Ready Legs

summer leg treatmentsNow is the time to prepare for baring your legs again.

With Easter on the horizon and the sun making a more regular appearance, getting the shorts out doesn’t seem that far away – especially for those with a holiday booked in April or May.

Yet legs buried under leggings and jeans all winter may need a bit of TLC before they’re ready to face the summer.

Here are our top treatments for getting pins to be proud of!

1. Hair Removal

That beauty ritual that might have lapsed over the winter needs resurrecting as soon as possible!

This year why not sort it out once and for all with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the permanent solution to hair reduction. Over a course of treatments, the laser technology systematically damages hair follicles so that the hair ceases to regrow, leaving legs smoother and hair-free. Daily shaving becomes a thing of the past.

2. Thread Vein Treatment

Networks of blue, red or purple veins on the legs are not attractive. While they are usually medically harmless, they do have an unhealthy look and can even be ageing.

Thread veins can be treated using Laser Treatments. Results are fast and effective.

3. Fat Reduction Injections

Sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough. Pockets of fat can remain stubbornly resistant to even the best efforts. New Aqualyx fat reduction injections are designed to target and break down areas of excessive fat cells, helping to get rid of troublesome bulges.

They are ideal for use on the thighs to tackle ‘saddlebags’ on the thighs or pockets of fat around the knees.

4. Body Toning/Cellulite

Radiofrequency treatment such as Thermage can be used to tackle areas of cellulite and wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on the legs, knees or buttocks.

The treatment can help renew your body’s collagen to firm, lift and contour the skin for a smoother contour.

5. Free Consultation

Everybody has different physiology and needs. Why not find out more in a free consultation with one of the expert team at Mulberry House Clinic, Northamptonshire.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments, Northamptonshire

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