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Nervous About Non-Surgical Treatments?

question markMillions of patients worldwide are regular users of cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections or facial fillers, achieving natural-looking rejuvenation results. 

However, the misuse or overuse of such treatments can leave results looking pretty undesirable, which can make new clients cautious about trying them.

Here are some common concerns:

  • will botox look fake or frozen?
  • will I still look like me?
  • will fillers look lumpy or feel funny?
  • will I get a trout pout?

Unfortunately the media tend to focus on the more isolated cases with poor results. Sometimes it is due to the practitioner performing the treatment without the necessary skill or attention to detail and aesthetics, which can result in an asymmetric or artificial looking appearance. Other times, the story relates to poor product choice, such as in the case of Leslie Ash or Pete Burns.

With skilled and experienced doctor practitioners using the latest products, the anti-ageing results can be outstanding.

However, patients having any concerns at all should always discuss them thoroughly before embarking on any treatment. A consultation with an experienced doctor practitioner is the best place to start. This is an open forum for any questions, however silly they may seem, to put your mind at rest.

Yes there are potential side-effects and risks with any medical treatment and these should be made clear and explained in detail so that you can make a balanced decision. However, in the right hands any problem is likely to be minor and temporary if at all. More significant problems are fortunately extremely rare.

If you aren’t entirely happy with the explanations or answers given then seek a second opinion.

Botox and Fillers Doctor Northants

Dr John Tanqueray, owner of Mulberry House Clinic based in Northamptonshire, has worked in the industry for over a decade; having received his medical qualifications in 1984. He has treated thousands of patients over the years and has extensive medical and aesthetic experience.

He upholds the highest standards of medical practice and patient care and also works as a trainer for other medical professionals.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

As well as popular anti-ageing injections and dermal fillers, the clinic has invested in the latest skin treatment technology options including new LED skin therapy.

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