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Doctor Advocates Quality Not Quantity for Fillers Treatments

syringeAesthetic Physician, Dr John Tanqueray has an excellent reputation for achieving first class anti-ageing results. 

He explains that the best rejuvenation results with dermal fillers depend first and foremost on the techniques used and skill of the injector. In fact, using less filler can be more effective when the fillers are skilfully administered – not just in achieving a softer and more natural result, but also in terms of the overall impact on how much younger a patient looks after treatment.

John explains:

“It is quite common for us to meet patients after they have had treatment elsewhere and been unhappy with the results achieved; sometimes at considerable expense. On assessing them, I can see that with only a small amount of treatment we could have obtained a better result.”

“One of the things I think we do well here is target the areas that will give most benefit by using well-placed and small amounts of product so that a much better overall result is obtained, often for similar, or less, expenditure.”

Patient Case Studies

1. Fillers for nose to mouth lines naso-labial folds

  • a patient had twice been to a clinic for treatment to naso-labial folds
  • they had 2 x Juvederm 4 syringes each time (cost £600 per treatment), but not really seen a good result
  • at Mulberry House Clinic, the doctor assessed that the area of the face requiring treatment was actually not naso-labial folds but cheeks and chin
  • she has spent only a little more, but now has a really good result and this will last probably at least a year;

2. Lip enhancement fillers

  • this patient had spent £800 on lip enhancement treatment and had a poor result
  • with Mulberry House Clinic, a better result would be achieved spending £350

Consultation and Assessment

The starting point for any treatment begins before picking up a needle. The quality of assessment in the consultation is vital to understanding exactly what concerns and issues there are, appreciating the physiology of the face and applying the most appropriate treatment. Then the practitioner’s skill, medical knowledge and aesthetic appreciation make the treatment itself a success.

At Mulberry House Clinic, Dr Tanqueray offers this consultation free of charge in order to enable patients to receive a full professional assessment and advice without feeling pressured into making a decision.

Mulberry House builds long-term relationships with their patients, who value their knowledge of how to get best results with minimal amount of treatment, and therefore making treatment as cost-effective yet effective as possible.

Northamptonshire Botox, Fillers Doctor

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