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Juvederm Voluma Smoothes Out Hollow Cheek

volumaJuvederm Voluma is a relatively new addition to the popular range of dermal fillers.

Voluma is a cheek filler and facial Revolumiser that can be used as part of a non-surgical facelift or to replenish larger areas of lost volume in the face.

It can be used to revolumise the face and is a good choice for plumping out the cheeks, giving a natural-looking smoothness and lifting effect.

In addition to aesthetic uses, it can also be helpful in recontouring the face following trauma. 

Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire have been one of the first to adopt the product and Dr John Tanqueray actually trains other medical practitioners in its advanced use. His latest case study shows how Voluma can be used in adults of any ages to gently tackle facial hollows.

Juvederm Voluma Case Study

After a fall, Pat, aged 72, had very bad bruising to the cheek after a fall. Even after the swelling and bruises had faded, she found that her cheek had been left quite hollowed and sunken in the damaged area. This was only on her right cheek, so her whole face appeared imbalanced and she felt very self-conscious and embarrassed about the appearance.

As she said in her own words:

"I would look in the mirror every morning and just see the dark hollow of my cheek. People would often comment and I felt as though everyone was looking at it, so it really knocked my confidence"

After a visit to her GP, Pat was directed to Mulberry House Clinic. Dr John Tanqueray assessed her face and recommended Juvederm Voluma fillers. Rather than using a needle, these were administered very carefully with a cannula, as the patient was taking warfarin. This was a good choice, as treatment left no bruising.

After the 2 sessions, the cheek is noticeably smoother and the hollow has been built out using the Voluma filler for a natural look, restoring the patient's confidence.

The client said:

“I feel so much better – there is still a bit of a mark where the bruise was but overall it’s a great improvement”

before voluma after juvederm voluma


Juvederm Voluma Fillers Northampton

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