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Research Shows Wrinkle Inections Benefit Mood

Patients Can Look Better and Also Feel Better

A new 10-year study has shown that having cosmetic injections treatment for wrinkles and creases that can appear with time has an interesting side-effect. 

BOTOXResearchers have shown that removal of frown lines doesn't only make the skin look younger and fresher but can actually make the patient feel better too. 

The results showed that symptoms of severe depression reduced in more than a quarter of patients after their frown lines were treated with botox

This has been previously suggested by other studies, but this is the longest study into the benefits of Botox for the severely depressed.

Scientists believe that by stopping the action of frowning, botullinum toxin also interrupts the normal cycle of stress indicator signals to the brain. So in the same way that facial expression can indicate what's going on inside, equally the brain registers what the face is doing.

Lines and wrinkles can not only look ageing, they can also sometimes unfairly communicate a mood. Severe frown lines can make a person look cross, irritable or angry, while crow's feet can make them look tired. 

Botox works to relax the fine dynamic facial muscles and therefore allow the skin to relax and appear smoother. 

So it would appear that looking good really can make you feel better too. 

Northamptonshire Botox Doctor

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Hardingstone near Northampton have an excellent reputation for providing subtle yet effective botox treatment for patients in Northamptonshire and beyond. 

Non-surgical cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments are carried out personally by Dr John Tanqueray, who is also involved in training other medical professionals in the use of popular cosmetic injections such as botullinum toxin, dermal fillers and Volbella. 

A practising GP and fully registered with the GMC, Dr John Tanqueray has worked in cosmetic treatments since 1999. He established Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre in 2003, which remains an independent, doctor-managed company. 

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